Many of us have had times when we just did not know how to start or which direction to take. For me, those were frustrating and painful times. I saw too many people with less talent doing better than me. 

I knew that I was better than I had become. I knew I could earn more and progress further than I had. I was really disappointed in myself, yet I also knew that I could easily improve once I found the right guidance.

What I sought seemed simple. So I kept reading motivational books and attending seminars looking for the missing key that would turn me into a true success. I never found it because IT wasn't there.

Nearing retirement age I continued to purchase and read motivational books. Even in my senior years I still wanted to understand what I had been missing in life that kept me from achieving real success. Finally I realized what it was, and that it wasn't just one thing. But I was too old, and physically impaired, to get out and use what I had finally learned.

An idea came to me that probably would not appeal to most of you who are younger. I began putting my thoughts down about where I had gone wrong. I called that essay "If I Could Do It All Over Again." If I were young again, and knew what I know now, this is how I would ensure my success.

Interested in what I had learned? Start with my post "If I Could Do It All Over Again."