Success is NOT just for intelligent, college-educated people. Many people with only an average IQ and no college have become a success.

In today’s world, can an average person with no college really succeed? Yes. Yes. Yes. But, let’s be realistic. Certain work areas require college. If you want to become a doctor, lawyer, or public school teacher you’ll have to have a college degree. I do not know of any way around that. However, you still have a bazillion other areas in which you can succeed.

Your first step to success is to have a dream. I like the way Tony Dorsett, former Dallas Cowboy running back, says it. “To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.”

What dream do you have that you can’t let go of? How much does it motivate you? Does your dream inspire you?

Until you have a dream that matches these questions, you are not ready to start on your path to success. Without such a dream you will not yet have the intense desire, or mental toughness, necessary to persevere through the challenges that will stand in your way.

If you do not have that dream now, spend some time thinking about the things you imagine being successful at. Do not be in a hurry to choose a dream. It has to be one that you can commit to.

The second step is to make a commitment to achieve your dream. Making a commitment is not a simple thing to do. You are not saying, “This is what I’m interested in doing.” Instead, you are saying, “No matter what it takes, I promise to do this.”

Spend time deciding which of your dreams you can commit to. Only if you can commit to it will you ever achieve your dream.

The third step on your way to success involves looking at yourself, seeing your strengths and weaknesses, and then planning what self-improvement you’ll need to make in order to be the strong, successful person who can achieve your dream.  Don’t know how to start the needed self-improvement? Let us guide you.

First, let’s think about how people become successes.

You can learn to succeed.

Were you born with the ability to learn math easily? Were you born with an ear sensitive enough to distinguish, and remember, different musical notes? Were you born with the fine eye-hand coordination that allows you to see an object, or scene, and then reproduce it in a drawing?

These are things you were born with.

Were you born with a love of baseball? No. Were you born with an appreciation of jazz? No. Were you born knowing the names of all the states of the United States? No.

You had to learn these.

Everything needed to become a success has to be learned and developed.

Who is born with the qualities and characteristics necessary to succeed?

No one.

Anyone who is a success had to learn how to become one. For some, it might have been simpler than for others. But the process was neither quick nor easy.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to become a success, this is the wrong place for you. It would probably be a waste of your time to continue reading.

This site is for people who understand that becoming a success is usually a long and challenging process. It is often filled with frustration, and sometimes failure.

Think about your favorite sports team. Has that team won a championship lately? If so, how much of a struggle was it for the team to succeed? How many years did it take? How much frustration did the team members have to endure? How many times did they fail before they finally succeeded?

Do you want to be a winner? Do you want to be a champion?

Did I just hear you say, “Yes, but . . .?”

Don’t say it! Don’t even think it!

“Yes, but. . .” says you do not have a good self-image. One of my future posts will be about how you can develop a good self-image. And in my opinion, that is the crucial first step to becoming a success.

Think again about your favorite professional sports team and choose one player from that team. Was he born with all the skills he has now? No. How did he get them? He learned and developed them. Yes, he could have been born with some physical advantages. Being very tall cannot be learned.

But what about all those important skills? Were they easy to learn? Probably not. Could they be learned in just a few days or weeks? Probably not. Was there frustration, disappointment, and failure in the learning process? Almost certainly. The learning process is usually one of time and struggle.

That’s what is involved in becoming a winner at anything. Let’s look at the professional baseball players we admire so much. How did they get to the Major Leagues? They spent years at various levels of play while they worked on their different skills.

If you’ve played baseball, or are a true fan, then you’re aware of the many skills and attitudes needed to become a Major Leaguer. You also know that different positions require different skills.

I will not spend time on those skills and attitudes but will only say that life is just like Major League baseball. To become a winner, you must spend years developing a variety of skills and attitudes that will be needed for whatever “position” you choose to play in life.

Self-improvement is the key.

What I intend to help you learn are qualities of your character that will be vital to your success. No one is born with these qualities. Each has to be learned. Some of these you might already have learned, either well or poorly.

I’ll list ten here, in my order of importance, and talk a little about each. In the near future, I will have a longer post on each quality.

1. Self-image is the picture you have of yourself based on the beliefs you have accepted about yourself. Do you see youself as good-looking or ugly? Smart or dumb? Happy or sad? Good or bad with people? Do you see yourself making a lot of money or always poor? Do you see yourself as a success or always a failure?
A person’s self-image is said to be a more accurate predictor of success than I.Q.

2. Self-esteem represents how much you value yourself. And it is closely related to your self-image. If your self-image is good then you probably value yourself and have good self-esteem.
Your feeling of self-worth is another factor that is more important for your success than I.Q.

3. Self-confidence is the belief in your ability, judgment, and power to accomplish something. With confidence, we try things that might seem challenging. Without it, we give up and do not even try.
How can you expect to become a success without self-confidence?

4. Vision of a successful life. Do you have a vivid imagination of the future life you desire? Take time to create it and then put it in writing.
James Allen, in his book AS A MAN THINKETH, says,
“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart – this you will build your life by; this you will become.”

5. Commitment. Ken Blanchard says, “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”
You need to choose a goal, commit to its achievement, and disregard all other thoughts.

6. Self-discipline is the act of controlling one’s actions, feelings, and desires in order to bring about a goal. The lack of self-discipline has brought about failure to many people who would have been great successes with it.
Learning self-discipline, in my opinion, is a never-ending task. Learn it well early so that you have little struggle with it later.

7. Mental toughness is a term used to represent a person’s ability to handle challenging problems. There are many attributes that can make up mental toughness.
Steve Siebold has written a best-seller entitled: 177 MENTAL TOUGHNESS SECRETS OF THE WORLD CLASS. It would be very good for you to read and/or own.

8. Desire to excel. Thoughts create Feelings that produce Actions. Desire is a feeling. The stronger, more-vivid your thoughts about what you want, the stronger will be your desire for that. And that strong Desire will create Actions to give you what you want.
The stronger your desire for what you want, the better the chances that you will take the actions necessary to achieve your goal. So intensify your desire.

9. Hard work. Depending on your choice of work in life, hard work can be doing the work itself or preparing to do that work. Some people choose to work long, hard hours, more than might be necessary to achieve their goal. Others choose to work hard to prepare for what might only be a few minutes on the job.
I’ve heard that professional baseball player Ichiro Suzuki works out at least two hours a day to prepare himself for play. Ichiro is 42 years old and now plays only a limited amount. However, he still prepares himself as he has throughout his entire career.

10. Perseverance is the mental resolve to persist in doing something in spite of the difficulty and challenges in achieving success. Every worthwhile goal has challenges. In order to achieve yours, you must continue on regardless of the difficulties you encounter.
As with all the other qualities, perseverance is learned. It has to be developed over time. You must go through difficult times in order to slowly build your level of perseverance.


Everything needed to become a success has to be learned and developed over time.

We can help you.