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15                The World Class is Consistently Great

57                Champions Know Why They Are Fighting

64                Champions Are World-Class Communicators

65                Champions Are Products of Their Habits

68                Champions Believe In Honesty

90                The Great Ones Never Hesitate To Seize Opportunity

94                Champions Know the Power of Persistence

101               The World Class is Commited to Personal Development

102               The Great Ones Are Problem Solvers

103               Champions Are Obsessed with Productivity and Results

107               The World Class Has Tremendous Self-Respect

117               The Great Ones Have a Sense of Urgency

120               Champions Understand Success

125               The Great Ones Manufacture Their Own Self-Image

126               Champions Are Bold and Daring Visionaries

134               The World Class Believes in the Power of Self-Understanding

135               The Great Ones Evolve from Success to Significance

139               Champions Have a World Class Work Ethic

146               The World Class Masters Time Management

149               Champions Feed Their Vision and Starve Their Fear

156               The World Class Focuses on 'The Why'

161               The Great Ones Seek Fulfillment

165               The Great Ones Think Big

171               Champions Understand Cause and Effect

176               The Good and Great are Separated by a Razor’s Edge


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25 Mental Toughness Essays

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