My name is Charles Emory and I am a retired senior citizen. During my working years I had a number of different jobs.

After earning a college degree with a major in Finance and extra courses in Accounting, I sold insurance and investment products, was an accountant, sold real estate for years, was a high school math teacher, started a franchise, owned a retail store, and wrote two novels that are still unpublished. But, based on the ability I had, none of those jobs led me to measurable success.

All the time I continued to read motivational books to understand what I was missing. Only when I was in my late 60’s did I start to understand why I had repeatedly fallen short of success. Now, I can help you see what might be holding you back and how you can overcome it. 

Regardless of where you are on your path to success, I am convinced you will find ideas here to help you achieve the success you desire.


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