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As I have said, we all have strengths and weaknesses. Yours are not the same as mine or your best friend’s. Each of us, then, needs to look inward and honestly admit our weaknesses while admiring our strengths. Can you do that?

In my essay “If I Could Do It All Over Again” I made a ¬†list of weaknesses I had over the years that kept me from achieving success.

1. Lack of good self-esteem
2. Lack of confidence
3. Lack of commitment
4. Lack of mental toughness
5. No vision of a successful life
6. Not enough self-discipline
7. Not enough desire to excel
8. I seldom worked long and hard.
9. I quit easily.

Perhaps you have some of these also. If not, you need to create your own list. Only in doing that can you start strengthening the parts of your character that are holding you back from success.

Before going any further, you absolutely must make your own list of strengths and weaknesses. Ask family, friends, and loved ones for help.

When you’ve done that take time to consider how much you want to overcome your weaknesses. Only when you are certain that you will work at improving yourself should you go to the next post: GOOD SELF-ESTEEM.



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