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Imagine being in your 60's looking back on your life. There are so many fond memories to recall and mentally revisit. You remember vacations, places lived, jobs, and family gatherings.

Recalling my earlier years, I could not forget sad times or bad times. The bad times for me were mostly those times when I disappointed myself and those who wanted to see me succeed. For me, those bad times are still an embarrassment.

It was a review of those bad times that prompted me to understand why I had failed so often. Remember that I was doing this years and years after some of those failures. And what had I continued to do all the time? Read and study what it took to succeed. During my examination of the many failures, I listed what I now thought caused me to fail each time. Every failure was MY fault. Every time my thinking was wrong.

Wrong thinking? Yes. I always had a fair amount of ability to learn in school and I thought that ability would take me to a successful life. I did not expect to be on the top but I knew I could do well. What I did not realize until late was that intelligence is seldom the key to success. It is often a disadvantage.

If you are shaking your head and wondering what is more important than intelligence, then you are about to learn what it took me almost 50 years to learn.

The most important quality for the achievement of success is STRENGTH OF CHARACTER.

When I look at my high school classmates who have a doctorate, I do not believe either of them had more intelligence than me. But, it is obvious that each of them had a much stronger character than I had. That is what helped them attain success while I continued to fail.

If I could do it all over again, I would focus on developing a strong character. I would not obsess on what school told me was most important - names, dates, and equations.

My advice to you is to strengthen all aspects of your character. In doing so, you will give yourself a greater chance to achieve the success you desire.





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If I Could Do It All Over Again

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