1. Accept that you need to grow stronger.

Most of us have yet to achieve our highest desire. Our lack of success is usually some combination of our strengths being too weak and our weaknesses being too strong. The combination is different for each of us. But what we all have in common is that in order to achieve the success we desire we must grow stronger. 

Will your success mean stronger finances, taking care of your family better, giving back to your community, or possibly recognition and respect? Imagine how satisfied you will be with that.

Now, are you ready to accept your need to grow stronger?


2. Commit to your growth.

What you want to achieve is valuable to you. Do you think anyone else wants to achieve the same thing? The answer is almost certainly yes. And there are likely to be a lot of people wanting the same thing. Can all of you achieve it? Probably not.

So who will achieve what you, and many others, want? Those who are the strongest in several different areas. Before you even look at how strong or weak you are in those areas, you must decide how much success means to you. How much do you want it? How hungry are you for it?

In order to greatly improve your chances of  success, you must commit to grow stronger. And few people will make the necessary commitment simply because they don’t want it enough.

You cannot just want to succeed. That’s not enough. Too many other people will want it more than you. You have to be passionate about wanting to achieve your goal. Only then will you be willing to work hard at your self-improvement. 

Are you ready to commit to your growth?


3. Look at yourself.

In order to grow stronger, you have to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Maybe you’re already aware of some of them. Maybe not. Do you know which are holding you back? That’s not easy to know.

We think there are ten qualities that are essential to your success. You need to understand them and then decide how strong or weak you are in each. Knowing that might mean asking friends and family about each of your qualities.

Then you can see how those ten qualities relate to you. You’ll get an idea of how much you need to grow. Will your growth to success take long? Probably. Measurable success does now come easily.

But imagine how great you’ll feel when it does. Imagine how proud you’ll be. Imagine all the things you’ll be able to do. Imagine how others will now be impressed with you. Is that what you want? 

Are you ready to learn about yourself so that you can grow stronger?





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